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BOSELON® is The World's First Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting Film
    VCI Mechanism - How corrosion inhibitors function?

Ionized corrosion inhibitors are absorbed on anode and cathode areas of the metal surface to form a molecular membrane.

The corrosion inhibiting molecular membrane denies moisture access to the metal and prevents oxidation on anode and reduction on cathode. As the result, metal corrosion can be prevented.

    Corrosion Inhibiting System of BOSELON®
  • Volatile corrosion inhibitors encapsulated in BOSELON® vaporize from the film continuously. Volatile corrosion inhibitors condense and form an active protective molecular membrane of corrosion inhibitors on the metal surface.
  • If moisture condensation occurs inside of a package, vaporized corrosion inhibitors are readily absorbed in the moisture, yielding a corrosion inhibiting effect.
  • When humid air from outside of the package permeates through the film, encapsulated corrosion inhibitors in the film are absorbed by the moisture. The moisture containing the corrosion inhibitors condenses on the metal surface and forms a VCI molecular membrane.
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