About Aicello

Global Innovators in a Wide Range of Packaging Products

Aicello Corporation, the company that created Boselon®, was founded in 1933. Its first product was Cellophane. Since then, Aicello has evolved into a global supplier of revolutionary rigid and flexible value-added optimal packaging film and process materials for mission critical industries.

Planes That You Fly

Planes That
You Fly

Solublon® & Boselon®

Computers That You Work With

Computers That
You Work With

CleanContainers & Hyperclean ™ PE Film

Cars That You Drive

Cars That
You Drive

Solublon® & Boselon®

Games Your Children Play With

Games Your
Children Play

CleanContainers & Hyperclean ™ PE Film

Detergents That Clean Your Clothes & Dishes

Detergents That
Clean Your
Clothes & Dishes


Foods That You Eat

Foods That You Eat

Solublon®, Suzulon® L, CleanContainers & HYPERCLEAN ™ PE Film

Aicello products are a part of your everyday life.

In addition to its Boselon® volatile corrosion inhibiting VCI packaging, Aicello supplies materials and packaging solutions to some of the largest multinational companies to help create the products that touch our daily lives. Our products are utilized in production processes or component packaging for these industries.

Aicello Corporation are packaging material specialist, continuously achieving new heights of excellence by following three core themes:

Dedication to the core technology that the company is based upon
Pursuit of solutions that support niche markets

Less packaging is better



Solublon® is a water-soluble film used in the Detergent, Agricultural Chemicals and Medical industries.


CleanContainers are used to manage ultrapure chemicals in the Microelectronics, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Food Additives and other mission critical industries.

HyperClean™ PE

HyperClean™ PE film bags contain an ultra low particle count for us in the Microelectronic, Medical and Food Industries.


Fixelon® is a thermoplastic film that bonds with a wide range of materials through heat and pressure.

Rust Causes Headaches and Slows Production

Rust doesn’t just take a toll on your metal parts and products. It damages your company’s reputation and your bottom line.

Your day is ruined when you learn that your shipped metal parts or products with metal surfaces arrived at their destination with rust and corrosion.

You’re frustrated, angry, and embarrassed. It’s time to rely on the world’s first and best vapor corrosion inhibitor so you can put the problem of rust and corrosion behind you.

Rust Causes Headaches and  Slows Production

Solve your rust problem with the proven solution that already exists.

Boselon® was the first volatile corrosion inhibiting VCI film introduced to the market by Aicello over 50 years ago for effective corrosion inhibition on shipped and stored metal components across a variety of industries.

Boselon®‘s powerful volatile corrosion inhibitors and optimal packaging film is easily identified as the industry leader in effectively preventing rust and corrosion trusted by some of the largest companies in the automotive, linear rail, heavy equipment, foundry and stamping, metal casting, international export, aerospace and defense industries.

Solve your rust problem with the proven solution that already exists.
BOSELON’s® Corrosion Inhibitors are Trusted and Reliable

Boselon’s® Corrosion Inhibitors are Trusted and Reliable


Over 80% market share in Japan

Operates in the United States and 11 other countries
Fastest working corrosion protection
Stock and custom sizes are available
Excellent cost performance

Without Boselon® VCI films, your rust issues and the problems that come with it will continue.

Without Boselon®’s corrosion inhibitors, you remain at risk of having to deal with angry and frustrated customers, production delays, and lost revenue. Don’t settle for the same-old frustrating routine of disrupted production schedules, replacement costs, and third-party audits. There is a better and much more cost-efficient solution that already exists with Boselon®.
Without Boselon® VCI films, your rust issues and the problems that come with it will continue.
Rust problems solved. No worries. Better days ahead.

Rust problems solved. No worries. Better days ahead.

With Boselon’s® multi-metal corrosion protection, you can rest assured your customers are getting the service and full protection they need because their shipped parts and products arrive at their destination free of tarnish and the contaminants that cause rust and oxidation.

Once a product is shipped with Boselon® corrosion protection, you can relax knowing that you have solved your clients’ rust and corrosion problems. It’s as simple as delivering your quality products to satisfied customers — and it’s great for your company’s bottom line too.

Boselon® is at Your Service with Expert Personal Support

When was BOSELON® created?

Aicello Corporation introduced Boselon® as the world’s first volatile corrosion inhibiting film in 1969. It has a proven track record of more than half a century of being the ideal rust prevention packaging method for metals. It can withstand severe shipping conditions and meet long-term storage needs.

Where is AICELLO Corporation located?

Aicello Corporation’s American headquarters is in Princeton, New Jersey. There is also an office located in Dublin, Ohio. In addition, Aicello has offices in Asia, Europe and other parts of North America.

Boselon® has more than an 80% market share in Japan and is used by most Japanese automotive original equipment manufacturers.

How does BOSELON® film prevent rust and corrosion?

The volatile corrosion inhibitors encapsulated in Boselon® continuously vaporize from the polyethylene film. It forms an active protective molecular membrane on the metal surface and effectively prevents the formation of rust.

What types of metal does BOSELON® best protect?

Boselon® VCI products are specifically designed to effectively work on cast iron, iron, galvanized steel, aluminum and copper.

Are there industries best suited for BOSELON® film?

Yes, Boselon’s® corrosion inhibitor VCI is used in the automotive, linear rail, heavy machinery, foundry and casting, metal stamping, and international export industries. Its own unique properties make it ideal for use on automated packaging lines and conveyor systems.

Does BOSELON® offer specialized VCI packaging options?

Yes, Boselon® offers optimal VCI packaging solutions to meet its clients’ diverse needs. Material forms include flat bags, gusted bags, square bottom bags, individually cut sheets, and both perforated and non-perforated rolls. Please let your Boselon® rust prevention specialist know if you need other packaging needs including shrink film.

How do BOSELON® clients immediately know if their orders arrived without rust and corrosion?

Boselon’s® clear film enables clients to visually inspect the contents of the metal products upon arrival. There is no need to open the sealed environment and expose the products to the elements. Clients can confidently use the product for immediate production or place them in long-term storage.

Is BOSELON® cost efficient for its clients?

Boselon’s® high quality volatile corrosion inhibitor film and packaging reduces its clients’ total costs. Its corrosion inhibiting protection and packaging are completed in a single process, which minimizes labor costs and maximizes productivity and product effectiveness. In addition, with Boselon®, there is no rust so there are no frustrating expenses for disrupted production schedules, replacement costs and third-party audits.

How do BOSELON®’s rust prevention specialists provide personal support?

We request that potential clients complete the Rust Prevention Diagnostic Form to learn about your specific needs. After the form is received and reviewed, a rust prevention specialist will contact you. The specialist will personally work with you to provide the best custom solutions to meet your anti-corrosion packaging needs.

Rust Prevention Diagnostic Form

Is BOSELON® film recyclable?

Yes, Boselon® films are recyclable.

Does BOSELON® have a Technical Center?

Yes, the Boselon® Technical Center is a dedicated facility where AICELLO continues the research and development practices that brought the world Boselon®. The center is continually improving the Boselon® product while adding additional grades for each industry and use.

In more detail, what is BOSELON®’s corrosion inhibiting system?

The volatile corrosion inhibitors encapsulated in Boselon® vaporize from the film continuously. These inhibitors condense and form an active protective molecular membrane of corrosion inhibitors on the metal surface.

If moisture condensation occurs inside of a package, vapor corrosion inhibitors are readily absorbed in the moisture, yielding a corrosion inhibiting effect.

When humid air from outside of the package permeates through the film, encapsulated corrosion inhibitors in the film are absorbed by the moisture. The moisture containing the corrosion inhibitors condenses on the metal surfaces and forms a VCI molecular membrane for continuous protection from rust.