Corrosion Inhibitor

Rust-Free VCI Protection for Your Metal Parts and Products

From the long term storage of automotive service parts to withstanding severe shipping conditions, Boselon® has proven successful in rust prevention for the past 50 years.

Your business needs the world’s first and best vapor corrosion inhibitors — and its easy-to-use packaging — so that your metal parts arrive at their destination rust and corrosion free. No worries, no turmoil and no more headaches.

Solve Your Rust Issues Now

Your Rust
Issues Now

100% Customer Satisfaction


Global, Hands-On Support


Fastest Working Corrosion Protection

Fastest Working

Long-Term Protection During Shipping & Storage

During Shipping
& Storage

User-Friendly Packaging + Custom Design

Packaging +
Custom Design

Parts Arriving with Rust Cause Headaches and Slow Production

Your day is ruined when you learn that your shipped metal parts or products with metal surfaces arrived at their destination with rust and corrosion. You’re frustrated, angry, and embarrassed. You need corrosion protection strategies that work!

It’s time to rely on the world’s first and best vapor corrosion inhibitor so you can put the problem of rust and corrosion behind you.

Solve your rust problem with the proven solution that already exists.

Rust doesn’t just take a toll on your metal parts and products. It damages your company’s reputation and your bottom line. Boselon® was the first vapor corrosion inhibitor product in the automotive market and it continues to provide the best form of rust prevention designed for any automotive need. From transmission parts to engine parts to stampings and beyond, any automotive part that needs to be rust-free during shipment or storage is safest when wrapped in Boselon® film.

Solve your rust problem with the proven solution that already exists.
BOSELON’s® Corrosion Inhibitors are Trusted and Reliable

Boselon’s® Corrosion Inhibitors are Trusted and Reliable


Over 80% market share in Japan

Operates in the United States and 11 other countries
Fastest working corrosion protection
Stock and custom sizes are available
Excellent cost performance

Boselon® Characteristics

Boselon® 103 is a VCI film developed for use with cast iron, iron and other ferrous metals. It is also effective with galvanized steel and aluminum as well, but really shows its strengths when packaging metals that are highly susceptible to rust.
Boselon® 507 is a VCI film developed for use with iron, galvanized steel and aluminum. It is a perfect match for large metal stamped parts, where it is effective in preventing rust as well as keeping costs down.

Boselon® is at Your Service with Expert Personal Support

Step 1

Tell Us Your Rust Problem or Need

Your Boselon® representative can help with an existing rust issue or work with you on VCI film and rust prevention packaging for future projects.

Step 2

BOSELON®’s Engineers the Solution

Boselon®’s corrosion protection specialists will work diligently to find the perfect rust prevention packaging products to meet your needs while providing custom designs that take into account your shipping and storage requirements.

Step 3

100% Customer Satisfaction

Boselon®’s quality VCI products are the most trusted and dependable for clients in the United States as well as for global customers.
Step 4

Rust Worries Disappear

Boselon®’s unique properties combined with their specialists’ know-how will solve your rust issues — for good!
Powerful Eco-conscious Desiccant SUNDRY-II

Powerful Eco-conscious Desiccant SUNDRY-II

Sundry-II is a powerful desiccant agent that uses natural and recycled materials which results in a sustainable low environmental impact. Sundry-II boasts a moisture absorption rate of 4-7 times that of silica gel. This is a result of moisture being absorbed and transformed into gel which prevents liquefaction. This also prevents absorbed moisture from leaking back into the sealed environment as can be the case with other desiccants.

In addition to all of these advantages, Sundry-II is very visual, showing the level of absorption at-a-glance.

Boselon® is at Your Service with Expert Personal Support

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