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Since it was first introduced in 1969 for the automotive industry, Boselon® has been a leader in the VCI industry with its best-in-class volatile corrosion inhibiting film and easy-to-use packaging.

Boselon® continues to offer quality solutions to rust and corrosion for a variety of industries including linear rail, heavy machinery, foundry and casting, metal stamping, international export, and more.

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Whatever your industry, Boselon® is the proven solution to solve rust and corrosion problems.

It’s time to rely on the world’s first and best quality volatile corrosion inhibiting film so you can put the problem of rust and corrosion behind you.

Boselon® is the Industries Leader in VCI Film


Aicello has a long history of supporting the automotive industry. Not only was Boselon® created in response to the needs of this industry back in 1969, but Boselon® production has continued to grow over the years to support increasing needs. One such example is when Japanese OEMs started building their cars on American soil in the early 80s. This saw a large increase in the global movement of automotive parts and Boselon® was there protecting those metal parts from corrosion from the start.

Over the years Boselon® has continued to evolve and continuously innovate to provide the best form of rust prevention for any automotive need. From transmission parts to engine parts to stampings and beyond, any automotive part that needs to be kept rust free during shipment or storage is safest when wrapped in Boselon® film.

Linear Rail

Linear Rail

Linear rails are highly precise products which demand a high performance rust prevention. There is no higher rust prevention performance than Boselon®, which is why some of the worlds largest linear rail manufactures use it. Linear rails themselves are used in a wide variety of industries such as medical, aerospace, chemical processing, automotive, semiconductor and commercial production. Each of these industries can receive in these critical precision parts rust free, thanks to the use of Boselon® film.

An additional Boselon® advantage is found in specially developed grades for the linear rail industry. Many linear rails have specifications requiring that they be shipped with oil. Where other packaging films may allow such oil to leak out, our Boselon® grade for the linear rail market prevents any such leakage.

Heavy Machinery

Metal parts manufactured for heavy machinery and the heavy-duty vehicles that fall into this category are designed to be tough. However, even these powerful machines are susceptible to rust. Aicello helps keep parts for these machines corrosion free throughout shipping and storage. Aicello has a long history of rust prevention, starting with the development of the world’s first VCI film Boselon®, back in 1969.

Heavy Machinery
Foundry & Casting

Foundry & Casting

Many parts produced by the foundry industry make their way into other industries such as automotive, heavy machinery and aerospace. Cast parts, often made of metals highly susceptible to rust, can produce a negative impression on the receiving end if they show up rusted. The foundry itself is often a hotbed for rust, as the heat necessary to produce cast parts leads to a high humidity environment. Any cast parts stored in these conditions will be prone to rust, but Boselon® can help prevent that occurrence.

Aicello has a long history of rust prevention, starting with the development of the world’s first VCI film Boselon®, back in 1969. We’ve been helping keep cast parts that end up on vehicle engines, transmissions, and pistons ever since.

Metal Stamping and Forming

Stamped metal parts end up in various industries such as aerospace, automotive and heavy machinery. In each case, Boselon® is the best option for ensuring the parts arrive at their destination rust free or remain in storage in the best condition.

The composition of the metal in stamped parts varies as do the conditions in which they are formed. One thing that can be kept constant though is ensuring your parts stay rust free with the use of Boselon®, which was developed as the world’s first VCI film back in 1969.

Metal Stamping
International Export

International Export

Aicello developed Boselon® as the world’s first VCI film back in 1969. Prior to bringing it to market, we did a lot of testing, the first of which was an international export shipment for the automotive industry. We wrapped those metal parts in Boselon®, placed them in a container and shipped them across the ocean. They arrived several months later completely rust free.

Since that first successful test we’ve continued to support international exports for a variety of markets, building our experience and continuously improving our technology along the way. One big jump in our support to international exports came with the start of Japanese OEMs building their cars on American soil in the early 80s. This saw a large increase in the global movement of automotive parts and Boselon® was there from the start protecting international export parts from corrosion.

Some other rust prevention methods may be sufficient for short term storage or local shipments, but for international export the experts trust Boselon® to get the job done. Being the world’s first also makes us the most experienced. Our decades of excellent results with international exports will be applied to each need. So you can rest easy knowing that not only is your part protected by the best rust prevention packaging film, but also the most experienced company.

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