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Rust-Free Protection for Foundries and Metal Casting Facilities

Boselon® is the first and best volatile corrosion inhibiting VCI film and packaging for the prevention of rust and corrosion on metal parts and components across various manufacturing processes including the foundry and metal castings industry.

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Heat + Moisture + Metal = Corrosion

Foundries are often a hotbed for rust, as the extreme temperatures necessary in the metal casting process lead to a very humid environment. Any metal castings exposed to the high temperatures and steamy conditions in foundries are prone to rust, but Boselon® volatile corrosion inhibitors help prevent that occurrence.

Many of the castings produced by the foundry industry make their way into other industries such as automotive, heavy machinery, linear rail, aerospace, and defense.

Cast parts, often made of various types of metals and alloys that are highly susceptible to rust, can produce a negative impression on the receiving end if they show up rusted. Boselon® prevents rust and corrosion.

The Solution to Your Corrosion Problems Already Exists

Aicello has a long history of rust prevention, starting with the development of the world’s first VCI film Boselon®, back in 1969. We’ve been helping keep cast parts that end up on vehicle engines, transmissions, and pistons ever since.

Being the world’s first also makes us the most experienced. Our decades of excellent results with Boselon® will be applied to each need. So you can rest easy knowing that not only are your metal parts protected by the best rust prevention packaging film, but you also have the support of the most experienced and respected company in corrosion protection.

The Solution to Your Corrosion Problems Already Exists
BOSELON’s® Corrosion Inhibitors are Trusted and Reliable

Boselon’s® Corrosion Inhibitors are Trusted and Reliable


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Your Boselon® representative can help with an existing rust issue or work with you on VCI film and rust prevention packaging for future projects.

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Boselon®’s corrosion protection specialists will work diligently to find the perfect rust prevention packaging products to meet your needs while providing custom designs that take into account your shipping and storage requirements.

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Boselon®’s quality VCI products are the most trusted and dependable for clients in the United States as well as for global customers.
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Boselon®’s unique properties combined with their specialists’ know-how will solve your rust issues — for good!