VCI Packaging for International Exports

Items Shipped Internationally Must Arrive Rust-Free Every Time

As global markets expand so does the need for shipped items to arrive at their destination rust and corrosion-free.

You need Boselon®’s powerful volatile corrosion inhibiting packaging to solve your corrosion problem on metal parts and components shipped internationally.

Solve Your Rust Issues Now

Your Rust
Issues Now

100% Customer Satisfaction


Global, Hands-On Support


Fastest Working Corrosion Protection

Fastest Working

Long-Term Protection During Shipping & Storage

During Shipping
& Storage

User-Friendly Packaging + Custom Design

Packaging +
Custom Design

Is Your Company Ready to Grow with the Demand?

In 2000, the global trade value of goods transported throughout the world was approximately $6.45 trillion (USD). By 2019, that figure had jumped to $19 trillion.

With the international export industry on a clear growth trajectory, your company must be ready and able to guarantee that shipped metal components survive fluctuating temperatures, humidity levels, and transport conditions in order to arrive at their destination rust free.

Boselon®’s outstanding volatile corrosion does just that. Its corrosion inhibiting film begins working faster than any other VCI film to provide metal protection against rust and oxidation.

The First, Best and Most-Trusted VCI Film

Some other rust prevention methods may be sufficient for short term storage or local shipments, but for international export the experts trust Boselon® to get the job done. Being the world’s first also makes us the most experienced.

Our decades of excellent results with international exports will be applied to each need. So you can rest easy knowing that not only are your metal parts and components protected by the best rust prevention packaging film, but also by the most experienced company in the industry.

The First, Best and Most-Trusted VCI Film

Decades of Excellent Results Applied to Your Needs

Aicello developed Boselon® as the world’s first VCI film back in 1969. Prior to bringing it to market, extensive testing was conducted with international export shipments for the automotive industry. Aicello technicians wrapped those metal parts in Boselon®, placed them in a container and shipped them across the ocean. They arrived several months later completely rust-free.

Since that first successful test we’ve continued to support international exports for a variety of markets, building our experience and continuously improving our technology along the way. One big jump in our support to international exports came with the start of Japanese OEMs building their cars on American soil in the early ’80s.

This saw a large increase in the global movement of automotive parts and Boselon® was there from the start protecting international export parts from corrosion.

Boselon® is also cost effective. Its powerful vapor phase corrosion protection begins working fast making multiple layers of additional packaging materials redundant.

The Most Experienced Company

Most Experienced Company

As the most experienced VCI company, Boselon®’s decades of continuous innovation and excellent results keep it ahead of the competition in providing the best and most effective corrosion protection for multi-metals in various industries.
Fast & Long-Lasting Rust Prevention Film

Fast & Long-Lasting Rust Prevention Film

Boselon®’s outstanding vapor phase corrosion inhibitors begin working faster than other VCI films to protect metals against rust, tarnish and oxidation in transit and storage.

Transparent Film

Transparent Film

Boselon®‘s transparent VCI films prevent corrosion and enable clients to easily identify and inspect parts upon arrival. With Boselon®, you’re getting the best and most effective protection with no uncomfortable guessing, and no unwanted surprises.

Boselon® is at Your Service with Expert Personal Support

Step 1

Tell Us Your Rust Problem or Need

Your Boselon® representative can help with an existing rust issue or work with you on VCI film and rust prevention packaging for future projects.

Step 2

BOSELON®’s Engineers the Solution

Boselon®’s corrosion protection specialists will work diligently to find the perfect rust prevention packaging products to meet your needs while providing custom designs that take into account your shipping and storage requirements.

Step 3

100% Customer Satisfaction

Boselon®’s quality VCI products are the most trusted and dependable for clients in the United States as well as for global customers.
Step 4

Rust Worries Disappear

Boselon®’s unique properties combined with their specialists’ know-how will solve your rust issues — for good!

Boselon® is at Your Service with Expert Personal Support

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