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Stamped metal parts and components play an important role in various industries such as aerospace, automotive defense, heavy machinery, linear rail, and others. In each case, Boselon®’s outstanding VCI packaging products are the best option for ensuring that these precision parts arrive at their destination rust free, and remain in the best condition during long term storage.

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Metal Stamping Challenges Abound, Rust Shouldn’t Be One of Them

The metal stamping industry has a host of inherent challenges from pressure to produce more product faster, and shipping and delivery demands, to raw material shortages and quality control challenges.

Don’t let rust and corrosion become a challenge too. Boselon®’s powerful vapor corrosion inhibitors provide long term protection for your metal parts.

Long-Lasting and Quality Rust Protection That Gives You Peace of Mind

Long-lasting and quality rust protection that gives you peace of mind.

Boselon® recognizes that highly precise products demand high performance rust prevention. That’s why some of the world’s largest manufacturers rely on Boselon® to keep their metal parts free of corrosion. Boselon®‘s outstanding vapor phase corrosion inhibitors start acting faster than any other VCI film to provide multi metal protection against rust and oxidation.

And when a client requests that their parts be packaged and shipped with oil, Boselon® has a specially designed grade of packaging that prevents leakage.

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Your Boselon® representative can help with an existing rust issue or work with you on VCI film and rust prevention packaging for future projects.

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Boselon®’s corrosion protection specialists will work diligently to find the perfect rust prevention packaging products to meet your needs while providing custom designs that take into account your shipping and storage requirements.

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Boselon®’s quality VCI products are the most trusted and dependable for clients in the United States as well as for global customers.
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Boselon®’s unique properties combined with their specialists’ know-how will solve your rust issues — for good!

Boselon® is at Your Service with Expert Personal Support

What is the process of metal stamping?

Metal stamping is a manufacturing process that is used to cut, convert or bend flat sheets of metal into various forms and shapes. The resulting precision-formed metal parts are used in various industries including aerospace, automotive, defense, heavy equipment, and linear rail.

What types of metals are used in the metal stamping process?

Both ferrous metals and non ferrous metals are used in metal stamping with aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, and nickel silver among the most common materials used.

Does the metal work produced at a metal stamping and forming company need to be protected from corrosion?

While some metals are less susceptible to rust and corrosion, many others are not and need to be protected using vapor corrosion inhibitors like those in the VCI packaging products of BOSELON®. To learn more about BOSELON® contact Your BOSELON® representative who can help with an existing rust issue or work with you on VCI film and vapor corrosion packaging for future projects.

When was BOSELON® created?

Aicello Corporation introduced Boselon® as the world’s first volatile corrosion inhibiting film in 1969. It has a proven track record of more than half a century of being the ideal rust prevention packaging method for metals. It can withstand severe shipping conditions and meet long-term storage needs.

How does BOSELON® film prevent rust and corrosion?

The volatile corrosion inhibitors encapsulated in Boselon® continuously vaporize from the polyethylene film. It forms an active protective molecular membrane on the metal surface and effectively prevents the formation of rust.

What types of metal does BOSELON® best protect?

Boselon® VCI products are specifically designed to effectively work on cast iron, iron, galvanized steel, aluminum and copper. Speak with a Boselon® specialist to find the correct grade of Boselon® for your needs.

Are there industries best suited for BOSELON® film?

Yes, Boselon®’s corrosion inhibitor VCI is frequently used in the automotive, linear rail, heavy machinery, foundry and casting, metal stamping, and international export industries. Its own unique properties make it ideal for use on automated packaging lines and conveyor systems as well.

Are there multiple BOSELON® VCI products?

Yes, clients can choose from a variety of VCI film grades based upon the type of metal and its applications. Metals protected by Boselon® vapor corrosion protection include cast iron, iron, galvanized steel, aluminum and copper.

Does BOSELON® offer specialized VCI packaging options?

Yes, Boselon® offers optimal VCI packaging solutions to meet its clients’ diverse corrosion protection needs. Material forms include flat bags, gusseted bags, square bottom bags, individually cut sheets, VCI stretch film, and both perforated and non-perforated rolls. Please let your Boselon® rust prevention specialist know if you need other packaging needs as they are constantly developing new items.

How do BOSELON® clients immediately know if their orders arrived without rust and corrosion?

Boselon®’s clear film enables clients to visually inspect the contents of the metal products upon arrival. There is no need to open the sealed environment and expose the products to the elements. Clients can confidently use the product for immediate production or place them in long-term storage.

Is BOSELON® cost efficient for its clients?

Boselon®’s high quality volatile corrosion inhibitor film and packaging reduces its clients’ total costs. Its corrosion inhibiting protection and packaging are completed in a single process, which minimizes labor costs and maximizes productivity and product effectiveness. In addition, with Boselon®, there is no rust so there are no frustrating expenses for disrupted production schedules, replacement costs and third-party audits.

How do BOSELON®’s rust prevention specialists provide personal support?

We request that potential clients complete the Rust Prevention Diagnostic Form to learn about your specific needs. After the form is received and reviewed, a rust prevention specialist will contact you. The specialist will personally work with you to provide the best custom solutions to meet your anti-corrosion packaging needs.

Rust Prevention Diagnostic Form

Is BOSELON® film recyclable?

Yes, Boselon® VCI Film, VCI packaging and VCI bags are recyclable.

Does BOSELON® have a Technical Center?

Yes, the Boselon® Technical Center is a dedicated facility where Aicello continues the research and development practices that brought the world Boselon®. The center is continually improving Boselon® VCI films while adding additional grades for each industry and use.

In more detail, what is BOSELON’s® corrosion inhibiting system?

The volatile corrosion inhibitors encapsulated in Boselon® vaporize from the film continuously. These inhibitors condense and form an active protective molecular membrane of corrosion inhibitors on the metal surface.

If moisture condensation occurs inside of a package, vapor corrosion inhibitors are readily absorbed in the moisture, yielding a corrosion inhibiting effect.

When humid air from outside of the package permeates through the film, encapsulated corrosion inhibitors in the film are absorbed by the moisture. The moisture containing the corrosion inhibitors condenses on the metal surfaces and forms a VCI molecular membrane for continuous protection from rust.