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A Full Range of Support Services to Solve Your Corrosion Problems

At Aicello, we offer a full range of support services to develop and provide the best solutions for your anti-corrosion packaging needs.

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Packaging +
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Dedicated to Creating New, Innovative Packaging Solutions to Solve Your Corrosion Problems

The Boselon® Technical Center is a dedicated facility where we create new innovative packaging solutions and conduct various tests and analysis of the corrosion inhibiting properties of Boselon® film.

Aicello encourages open technical communication both within Aicello, and with our customers to research and develop these new value-added packaging solutions.

As the pioneer of VCI packaging, Aicello has over 50 years of extensive know-how and experience with a wide range of packaging processes and shipping projects allowing us to provide the best solution for any type of rust protection.

Dedicated to Creating New, Innovative Packaging Solutions to Solve Your Corrosion Problems

Aicello Offers a Wide Range of Resources

A fully equipped research center and laboratory with state of the art equipment for testing, research analysis, and product development.

In-house, accelerated corrosion testing utilizing the distinct Aicello method, subjecting parts to rigorous conditions that simulate actual shipping environments.

Aicello‘s staff of certified analytical, chemical and technical specialists are available to provide consultation and guidance as we work together to conceive of and improve upon our current line of volatile corrosion inhibiting packaging, and engineer the next generation of the world’s best VCI packaging solutions.
A truly global support network with major facilities and manufacturing locations in the United States, Canada, Japan, South East Asia, China, India and Mexico. The Boselon® team can provide support worldwide at all points on the global supply chain.

Boselon® is at Your Service with Expert Personal Support

Step 1

Tell Us Your Rust Problem or Need

Your Boselon® representative can help with an existing rust issue or work with you on VCI film and rust prevention packaging for future projects.

Step 2

BOSELON®’s Engineers the Solution

Boselon®’s corrosion protection specialists will work diligently to find the perfect rust prevention packaging products to meet your needs while providing custom designs that take into account your shipping and storage requirements.

Step 3

100% Customer Satisfaction

Boselon®’s quality VCI products are the most trusted and dependable for clients in the United States as well as for global customers.
Step 4

Rust Worries Disappear

Boselon®’s unique properties combined with their specialists’ know-how will solve your rust issues — for good!